What is the difference between PADI and SSI?

Yes, you would like to get your diving license! You start searching and can no longer see the forest for the trees of all organizations that offer diving training. The most well-known organizations are PADI and SSI. But which organization should you choose? What are the differences? Are there any differences at all?

After reading this blog, you will know the differences between PADI and SSI. This is important to make a good choice to start your diving adventure.

Changing organizations

Both organizations are recognized worldwide and you can dive anywhere in the world. You can also switch organizations in the meantime. Do you have your PADI Open Water Diver and you want to do further education? Then this is also possible at SSI. So you can switch from PADI to SSI and vice versa.


Please note, there are differences in training. At PADI you learn all the exercises in a fixed order. Can’t empty your mask? Then you have to practice this for as long, until it succeeds and you can continue with other exercises.

At SSI, you can skip the exercise and try again at a later time. This does not stop you from having fun while obtaining your license.

Finally, you have to pay close attention to the name and content of the course. The open water certification is identical, but if you continue with your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, this is equivalent to the Advanced Adventurer at SSI. SSI Advanced Open Water Diver package, is another step up.

Online learning

Both PADI and SSI offer the theory online. Learning through the book is also still possible. SSI offers a complete training system, logbook and certifications in one app.

By registering via this link, you will gain access to digital teaching programmes. Theory is supported by photos and videos and closing knowledge questions. This way you can learn at your own pace and prepare for your education.

You can also log your dives, view your obtained certifications and view dive sites.


At SSI, the price of the course includes the online learning part. At PADI you purchase this, in addition to the price you pay at the dive center for the lessons / instructor. Wanderlust Dive Center offers the courses, including online materials, necessary diving equipment and air.

PADI is generally a bit more expensive, but therefore has revenue to be able to do a lot of marketing.


In summary, you can say that the differences are minimal. The quality is good at both organizations and the teaching method is almost the same. The difference is ultimately the financial factor; PADI is simply more expensive.

Where the difference is made is by the dive instructor. The instructor must suit you. Someone who has a passion for diving, is well trained and with whom you feel comfortable and safe. Stephan and Linda from Wanderlust Dive Center, are extremely passionate and take the time for every student. After all, diving is only about one thing; have fun!