About SSI

Scuba Schools International (SSI) started in 1970 with a vision of making it possible for anyone to learn to dive. With more than 3,300 Training Centers in over 130 countries and 50,000 plus Professionals, it is easy to go diving with SSI wherever you choose. SSI´s Digital Learning platform makes training easy, fun, and possible to study anytime, anywhere either on your mobile device or computer in more than 30 languages.

SSI´s training programs are globally recognized, and ISO certified. A progressive approach to personalized training and a close cooperation of all SSI affiliated Professionals and Training Centers and Resorts around the world ensures you will get the best training possible!

Learn to Dive with SSI

1. Digital Learning & Academics

SSI has mastered the use of digital technology to make your learning experience easy.

You can start by studying the academics anytime, anywhere at your own convenience and your selected Training Center will schedule your review and in-water training sessions.

2. In-Water Training

During the pool/confined water training, your SSI Instructor will teach you all the necessary skills in a controlled environment until you are comfortable and ready to go to the open water. During the open water training dives, you will apply your knowledge and repeat the skills in a real-world environment under the supervision of your Instructor.

3. Certification

Once you have completed all required training sessions, final exam and open water training dives, your SSI Training Center will issue your digital certification card which will show up instantly on your MySSI App.

We congratulate you on your accomplishment and welcome you to SSI’s global diving community.

Register free and start training right away!

To get started, simply create a free user profile this link and you will get immediate access to SSI’s free trial programs. During registration you will need to select an SSI Training Center to affiliate with to guide you through the training process.

Simply download the MySSI App from your preferred app store, set up your profile, and discover the world of diving with the following benefits:

  • Instant free access to SSI’s trial programs and Blue Oceans
  • Lifetime access to your digital training materials and certifications
  • Digital logbook with thousands of dive sites around the world and potential wildlife sightings
  • Latest events, news, videos and much more

Diver Levels of Recognition

Complete your Specialty training, go diving and qualify for free Recognition!

SSI Specialty training is the first step towards becoming a safer and more competent diver. Your pathway starts right after, or even combining Specialty programs like Perfect Buoyancy, Enriched Air Nitrox and/or Dry Suit during your Open Water Diver course. As long as all content and training dives are completed, this is possible.

If your interest goes beyond recreational scuba, SSI also offers a variety of bundles and other training options such as Extended Range or Freediving. Your only limit is your ambition!

Open Water Diver

Complete Open Water Diver Course

Specialty Diver

Complete 2 Specialty Programs and 12 logged dives

Advanced Open Water Diver

Complete 4 Specialty Programs and 24 logged dives

Master Diver

Complete 4 Specialty Programs plus Diver Stress & Rescue and 50 logged dives