Discover the world below surface

If you want to know more about marine life and surroundings, join the SSI ecology specialty programs! They’re the perfect way to enhance your diving experience by learning about marine life, how ocean ecosystems function, and how to safely dive with sharks, rays, and more.

Whatever your passion, we have a specialty for you! Any snorkeler aged 10 years and older can participate in these SSI Ecology programs. Open water sessions are optional and the theory classes can all be completed online. This makes these specialties perfect for everyone.

In the SSI Shark Ecology specialty, you will learn how to safely dive with sharks and discover why these charismatic animals are often misunderstood. It’s perfect for shark lovers!

Do you like rays? Join the SSI Manta & Ray Ecology specialty to learn how to safely identify and dive rays, plus why they are so important for healthy oceans.

Dive into the fascinating world of sea turtles with the SSI Sea Turtle Ecology specialty or improve your identification skills with our Coral of Fish Identification specialties.

To gain a thorough understanding of the oceans, follow the SSI Marine Ecology specialty. You’ll learn about the exciting science of marine ecology and how ocean ecosystems interact.