Live your dream

Imagine sharing your passion for the underwater world with others, guiding them through enchanting waters, and teaching them about the wonders of the sea. At Wanderlust Dive Center, you can start an exciting new career as a dive instructor today! The Dive Guide and Science of Diving courses are the first steps towards becoming a Divemaster.

But why stop at Divemaster? Let your passion for diving grow and flourish by advancing to Assistant Instructor or even Open Water Instructor. Your dream doesn’t have to end here! With various specialties, you can broaden your horizons and even train future dive instructors. Whether you dream of teaching others or guiding divers in the breathtaking waters of Bonaire, becoming a dive instructor is a dream come true!

At Wanderlust Dive Center, we offer the opportunity to become a dive instructor in collaboration with SSI centers in the Netherlands. Thanks to our partnership with SSI Benelux, you can tailor your course to your preferences. Whether you want to do everything in Bonaire or complete part of the training in the Netherlands, the choice is yours! You can take the exam on the beautiful island of Bonaire.

Bonaire offers countless reasons to start your Divemaster or dive instructor career here:

The training is available in Dutch. Fantastic diving conditions await you. Escape the winter blues and enjoy the tropical paradise. Benefit from the collaboration between SSI centers in the Benelux and Bonaire. There is even a chance of employment at our Dive Center in Bonaire. Complete packages with training and accommodation make the transition even more appealing.

Want more information about your journey to becoming a dive instructor? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are ready to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a dive instructor!