Dive into another world

Turn your dream into reality and discover the unique underwater world of Bonaire! Wanderlust Dive Center is ready to guide your adventure as an Open Water Diver with enthusiastic instructors. Start diving and experience a world that will forever change your perspective – a hidden underwater paradise full of colorful life and magical landscapes.

As a proud SSI partner (Scuba Schools International), we offer high-quality, safe, and well-organized dive training. Your globally recognized diving certification will demonstrate that you possess the right knowledge, experience, and skills. From the age of 10, you can learn to dive, making this safe and fun sport ideal for the whole family. The Open Water Diver program is the best way to enter the world of diving.

As an Open Water Diver, you can dive anywhere in the world with anyone you want. Have limited time or not quite ready to become a full Open Water Diver? No problem! With our “referral diver” program, you can start in the Netherlands and only complete 4 open water dives in Divers Paradise Bonaire. No more worries about studies, exams, or exercises – you can immediately enjoy your free time and gain experience.

Still not entirely sure if diving is right for you? Try a “Try Scuba” or introductory dive. After a short theory lesson, you can dive into the ocean and experience the sensation of breathing underwater while performing some exercises for a safe feeling.

Do you have any questions about our SSI dive courses or need assistance in choosing the right course? Use our inquiry form, and we are here to help you!