Bring your dream to life

Unique on Bonaire! Imagine yourself diving in Bonaire, surrounded by stunning underwater life, corals, and who knows, maybe even sharks, turtles, and dolphins. And now, imagine extending your bottom time to 2 hours, without entering decompression, without the noise of bubbles, and enjoying warm and moist breathing gas. Well, that dream has just become a reality with the Mares Horizon Semi Closed Rebreather (SCR) at Wanderlust Dive Center.

Join us for an introductory dive, take the full SSI SCR Diving specialty course, and even venture to depths of up to 40 meters with the SSI SCR Extended Range training.

Technology has provided us with an easy and safe way to surpass the boundaries we once deemed unreachable. Almost as effortless as diving with Nitrox.

With the new Mares Horizon SCR rebreather, it is now possible to recycle (scrub) the air we breathe underwater, extending our bottom time and making it feasible and straightforward to have 90 to 120 minutes of no-deco diving. Additionally, producing fewer bubbles enhances the serenity of encounters with marine wildlife.

  • The dive times are on average 3 to 8 times longer. The standard nitrox tanks available on Bonaire can be used. An additional tank with deco gas (up to 40 m) is optional.
  • The gas mixture can be changed during the dive, to increase the dive time or reduce the decompression time.
  • Ergonomic design for perfect horizontal trim
  • Maximum security using multiple backup safety systems
  • Easy installation and preparation