Let’s make memories

Explore the Most Beautiful Dive Sites of Bonaire with Wanderlust Dive Center’s Shore Diving. Discover the well-known dive spots marked with yellow stones or opt for adventurous local sites that make independent exploration more challenging. Bonaire is a paradise for shore diving!

With Wanderlust Dive Center, you dive on your terms, at your pace, and at your level. Whether you haven’t dived in a while or you’re a certified diver, our enthusiastic team will take you to the most fantastic dive spots in Bonaire’s Caribbean waters. Each location is suitable for your level of expertise.

Let’s create unforgettable memories together and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the ocean.

Our turquoise sea harbors over 85 dive sites, with 54 easily accessible from the shore. Underwater, more than 57 species of coral and over 350 fish species await exploration. Don’t forget to purchase your Nature Tag before diving. Find more information and order your E-ticket here.

Looking for a tailor-made dive package? Dive into our contact form, and we’ll provide a solution!

All our guided dives include:

  • Maximum of 4 divers per dive
  • Professional SSI dive guide or higher
  • Transport to and from dive sites
  • If you haven’t dived for more than 1 year, we kindly ask you to complete a refresher dive.