Sofnolime (per KG)



Discover Sofnolime, the high-quality absorbent essential for rebreathers during diving. This premium product, available at Wanderlust Dive Center, ensures optimal gas filtration and provides a reliable and safe diving experience.

Sofnolime is specially designed to absorb and remove CO2 from the breathing gas of divers. This absorbent is used in rebreathers, where it helps to filter and regenerate the breathing gas, allowing the diver to have a longer and more efficient dive profile.

At Wanderlust Dive Center, we understand the importance of quality and safety in diving. That’s why we offer Sofnolime by the kilogram, so divers can rely on a high-quality absorbent that meets strict standards and contributes to a successful diving experience.

Whether you are an experienced rebreather diver or just starting to explore the benefits of rebreathers, Sofnolime is the right choice for your diving adventures.

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