Get ready to lead the diving world with the SSI Divemaster Package! This comprehensive training program includes Dive Guide and Science of Diving, opening doors to an exciting career as a professional dive leader.

To start the Divemaster program, you must have completed certain prerequisites: Deep Diving, Navigation, and Night & Limited Visibility specialties, along with Diver Stress & Rescue and React Right. With a minimum age of 18 and an impressive 60 logged dives (equivalent to at least 40 hours underwater), you are well-prepared to take the next step in your diving journey.

As a Divemaster, you’ll have the opportunity to assist instructors in training both in the pool and open water. An exciting privilege is being able to guide groups of up to two students on pleasure dives as part of their training. Share your passion for diving and inspire others in their diving adventures.

Another fantastic benefit of the Divemaster package is the option to become a Specialty Instructor in all Ecology programs. This allows you to share your knowledge of marine life and contribute to the sustainability and preservation of the underwater world.

But wait, there’s more! At Wanderlust Dive Center in Bonaire, we offer the unique opportunity to complete your Divemaster training internally. For a number of months, you can work with students and learn the craft up close in a stunning environment. Experience the unique diving culture in Bonaire while working with enthusiastic divers and exploring our breathtaking underwater world.

The SSI Divemaster Package is a valuable investment in your diving career, providing a range of opportunities as a professional dive leader. Seize this chance and let your diving passion lead to a rewarding career as a Divemaster at Wanderlust Dive Center Bonaire!

Minimum age


Amount of academic sessions


Amount of pool / Confined water sessions


Amount of open water sessions


Maximum training depth

40 m

Suggested duration (h)