If you’re in Bonaire for diving, there’s one dive site you absolutely can’t miss: the iconic dive spot called “Hilma Hooker.” Hilma Hooker is a legendary shipwreck that offers an unforgettable diving experience. Here are a few reasons why Hilma Hooker is a must-visit dive site in Bonaire:

Historical and fascinating: Hilma Hooker was a cargo ship that was intentionally sunk off the coast of Bonaire in 1984. The wreck is now home to an abundance of flora and fauna, while still retaining the mysterious atmosphere of its past. Exploring this massive 70-meter-long wreck provides divers with a captivating insight into Bonaire’s maritime history.

Rich biodiversity: The Hilma Hooker wreck is adorned with colorful corals, sponges, and sea fans, making it an ideal refuge for a variety of marine creatures. You’ll be amazed by the diversity of fish, such as barracudas, tarpons, moray eels, and countless tropical fish that inhabit the area around the wreck. It’s also possible to encounter larger marine life like turtles and rays during your dive.

Diving experience for various skill levels: Hilma Hooker is suitable for divers of different experience levels. The wreck sits at a depth of approximately 30 meters, but the upper parts of the wreck can be explored from shallower depths. This allows both novice divers and more experienced divers to enjoy this dive site.

Photographic paradise: For underwater photographers, Hilma Hooker is a true dream. The abundance of colorful corals and the fascinating wreck itself offer numerous opportunities for stunning photos. The contrast between the wreck and the blue backdrop of the ocean creates breathtaking compositions and visual impact.

Before exploring Hilma Hooker, make sure you have the necessary experience and diving skills. It’s always advisable to dive with an experienced guide or instructor familiar with the dive site.

Diving at Hilma Hooker will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable experience and immerse you in the enchanting underwater world of Bonaire.